Thursday, November 20, 2008

harrier pilot

harrier pilot, originally uploaded by andre stoeriko.

Just awesome.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Verónica Noonan (teleoalreves) in Spotlight 7


Week 33 of Spotlight Seven features our first South American, Verónica Noonan aka teleoalreves, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Which means we've now featured artists from six different continents! This is just a little bit of this week's interview.

4) How do you interact with your models when you're photographing them. Do you joke around with them or talk to them a lot? tell us how you get emotion from them?
That's the question. There's a magical success when the model is front of me , perfect strangers who naturally fell comfort, I usually let them be , but when I need something in particular, I guide them with little words, only that. Some awesome things happens to me with the persons in front of my camera. I 'm very thankful. Maybe it's a gift somebody gave to me!!!!

Verónica also maintains her own website, which no doubt features some of the best portrait photography in Argentina. The photos there are definitely worth a visit, and the website is very elegant. She probably has written a wonderful description of her work on her profile page, but as my Spanish is very rusty, I'll depend on her English testmonials to tell you that she has some huge fans. But hey, take a look for yourself in this week's Spotlight Seven exhibit.

In between days s i s t e r


Monument, originally uploaded by davydubbit.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Fireman, originally uploaded by Lucas Janin.

From the photographer:

At six in the morning, fire engine sirens woke me from my sleep. Less than a mile from my home, dark smoke was pouring from a house. I quickly grabbed my photographic equipment and left. You can see from the face of the fireman, that the house could not be saved.

Ce matin à 6 heures, de nombreuses sirènes de pompier attirent mon attention. A moins d’un kilomètre de ma maison, un incendie dégageait une épaisse fumée noirâtre.. Vite préparer mon matériel photo et partir... Nous pouvons lire sur le visage de ce pompier que la maison n'a pas pu être sauvée.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Portrait of a worried girl

Portrait of a worried girl, originally uploaded by oxjonte.

Oxjonte was asking for advice on how to get more people viewing his photos in Flickr Central, so I decided to look at his stream. It's really top-notch stuff, and this is one of the best child portraits I have ever come across-- really amazing. It holds together so well, from the jet-black background, to the attentive yet inquisitive stare, the huge buttons, the tones, the shadow, the lighting... everything.

Oxjonte added many other photos to the pool as well, so please check them out and give this gifted photographer some of the attention he deserves.

Masiray by Superchou


Superchou is another Flickr friend, and she takes some really neat photos. The one above, from a computer lab, is a great portrait and I was pleased when she added it to the group. Lately, it's been a treat to view her photos of the Western Center in Pittsburgh, and it's always a treat to see her wide-angle shots. Superchou's wonderful husband (or so we're told) is a musician or musical producer or just some sort of all around musical genius. I'm certain he is both, so if you need a music dude, especially if you're in Pittsburgh, check out Josh's composition, remixes and more.

About a Man, a Mouse, a Gun, a Moustache, Some Gold Chains, a Pair of Glasses, and a Polkadot Bow...

This is my friend Trejack, in what has to be one of the more original photos ever submitted to 6 Million People. It's a satire of a parody, or a parody of a satire. Whatever. Tre is a really good photographer, taking great photos of his daughter, all around Katy, Texas, the local pooches and much more. Really, Tre's true genius is taking one great photo for themed photo competitions, which he has turned into a bit of an art. You can find more of Tre's fantastic work on his website and at his Flickr stream.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ian aka Binary Boy

Tired, originally uploaded by 01101001 01100001 01101110.

This is my friend Ian, perfectly posed in this perfectly taken self-portrait. Ian, or 01101001 01100001 01101110, is really a great photographer, and is a genius with both MS Paint and Photoshop, using whatever tool is necessary to create the effect he wants. One of his favorite tactics is to create symmetry where none exists, and building outrageously fun camera rigs for his car. Whether you want a photo of car parks or skateboards, Ian's your guy. Be sure to check out more of Binary's work on his photostream and his website, which just leads back to his photostream actually. So no need to check out both, really. Hopefully he returns to America to he can take more photos of the states and so we can have another Flickr meet-up.

Blogging contest

We had a contest in 6 Million People and got 10 entries. We randomly selected one winner using the random number generator from Jason Hill is the winner! Congratulations Jason, you'll get a free year of Flickr. I'll go ahead and list all ten entries here. Good luck next year!

Mr. Wizzard
Arty Smokes
My Symbiosis
Jayel Aheram
Jason Hill
SF Lights

Saturday, November 1, 2008

p0cket-paul in Spotlight Seven

Please visit the 32nd installment of Spotlight Seven, featuring the photography of p0cket-paul, as curated by madeinsheffield. Obsessed with cameras since using his dad's Olympus to take photos of the television, p0cket-paul has no doubt improved considerably since those early days-- his portraits are stunning. Here's a short excerpt for the interview.

8) You shoot portraits in both colour and black and white - do you have a preference or does the choice depend on the subject?

If it is not digital or an organised situation then it will be whatever is in the camera. Although, I believe that everything I shoot should be in colour for conceptual reasons but I have a love of B&W for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes it is hard or pointless not to contradict your own ideology.

Please check out all 10 ten photos and the interview.