Sunday, January 25, 2009

Diamond Valley Lake Half Marathon finisher

From yesterday's race. Took this soon after I finished the same event.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lung Liu in Spotlight Seven

Happy, No Happy: Transformer

Please join me in welcoming Lung S. Liu for Week 35 of Spotlight 7. Lung has taken photos all over the world, from Bangkok to Vancouver, Mexico and the Salton Sea in California. Lung truly has a gift, as he seems to be able to see the subject and capture an emotion without overt worries about lighting or equipment. It's a gift few of us share, and be sure to read the whole interview and the discussion to see this from several viewpoints. Here's just a bit from this week's exhibition:

5) Tell us about the Muay Thai set, how did you find yourself shooting that amazing series.

I was walking along the railroad tracks in Central Bangkok and ran into some people watching cockfights. They pointed me towards the local gym and I started to photograph there and that just ballooned to other gyms. It was a natural progression.

Check out the rest of the Lung's interview with smoothdude, and wander over to his website to discover more about this fine artist.

Trish_01 by Lung S. Liu Violin Back by Lung S. Liu