Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spotlight Seven features falsalama in Week 37-- we're back from hiatus!

Spotlight Seven returns after a several month break, and we are lucky to feature the amazing black & white portraits of falsalama. Falsalama got his start in photography when he made a pinhole camera as a Cub Scout in England. He's come a long way since then, taking amazing portraits of people from Laos to Tokyo, China and many other spots around the globe.

Here's a brief excerpt from this week's interview:

3) Your flickr stream is mostly made up of portraits, is that your favorite subject photographically? Why?
Yes portraiture has always been a favourite of mine.
I am fascinated by how, in these frozen moments, the subject can engage the viewer and deliver a message, and encourage a kind of self reflective contemplation. Moments more difficult to appreciate when life is playing at full speed.

While scrolling through falsalama's profile page, I was struck by some of the testimonials, particularly this one from WasabiNoise:
"If I have to describe falsalama in a few words I must to say : enthusiasm and goodness. You can see it in each photo that he makes, how he catch the feelings of the nihonjins with his portraits, every new photo is really amazing and I'm very glad to enjoy with his work in Flickr."

Please check out the rest of falsalama's photos & interview in Spotlight Seven this week.