Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Featured Gallery #14: Holga Portraits curated by Brad Ross

Long-time Flickr friend and all-around awesome photographer Brad Ross brings us gallery #14 in the increasingly-hard-to-count-using-finger-alone featured gallery series. Brad was actual our pre-launch featured artist for Spotlight Seven, way back in early 2008. You should check that out after you visit this gallery.

For his theme, Brad has narrowed his selection Holga portraits. Holgas are an old toy camera from China that have attracted quite the following over the past decade, and Brad has done a great job finding shots the demonstrate the uniqueness of the medium. Make sure to visit the gallery to see all 10 shots, and wander on over to his New Jersey Wedding Photography website to learn about this week's curator. Here are a couple of Brad's selections.

NYC People #3

~~~~~~ Andre


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spotlight Seven features Rémi Tinel (aka Ray maï)

The long-running Spotlight Seven series returns from an extended hiatus this week with a feature about Rémi Tinel, known as Ray maï on Flickr. Ray has been a photographer since he was a child, but really took up interest when he got his first compact digital camera. An avid portrait photographer, many of his photos feature the very young and very old, for reasons that might be a little surprising. An excerpt from his interview with smoothdude.

4) Your portraiture seems to focus on the very young and the very old. What draws you to those two ends of the the spectrum.
Well, I try to make interesting pictures, different than what the others photographers usually show, otherwise, there is no sense to practice photography. I look after emotional pictures, and directly, it leads me to children, because they like overall to play with the camera, it is game for them, and then to rather old people, as we can read their life (suffering, happiness) in their glances. Generally, they’re also the most eager to be a model.

Here are a few selections from Ray's feature. It was really hard to choose my favorite, because each one is engaging in its own way. Make sure you read the entire interview and view Ray's 10 selected portraits-- I highly recommend viewing them full-screen as a slideshow.

- Crowded indian trains - Bye Mum...

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