Monday, June 23, 2008

sweet distin featured in Spotlight 7


This week in Spotlight 7, we are featuring an exceptional photographer from England, sweet distin. Sweet distin shoots both film and digital, but is more often draw to film due its warmth, using everything from a Hasselblad to toy cameras like the Diana and Holga. Shooting mostly friends and family, sweet distin is lucky to have so many willing models. Of course, when someone takes portraits this great, it's a surprise that people aren't lining up to have their photo taken. Here's a short excerpt form this week's interview:

4) You use light really well with your portraits, and seem to only use natural light. What are some tips you suggest to people regarding lighting people?
Ooh, difficult one. I don't know that I have any, I just look for a good light, mine is always from the window, no lamps. I think it's just paying attention, the light is the most important thing so you just look for it....I like south facing rooms best but you get consistency with north facing..........sorry, can't really help with this's like anything, you learn what works as you go, I can't really articulate it but I could walk through your house and tell you the best room. :)

There's plenty more gold in the interview, and all 10 photos are exceptional. Please read the interview, and send your best wishes to sweet, sweet distin.

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