Friday, March 27, 2009

New Jersey Wedding Photographer Brad Ross

No Teeth Bearer

Brad is a good Flickr friend, and was actually the first artist we featured on Spotlight Seven. He was a good photographer then, and he's grown into an even better photographer over the past year.

Wedding Bride

The photography community is a close knit one and today, I’d like to share a few photographs from one of the leaders in NJ Wedding photography, Brad Ross. Brad is a talented photographer with a photojournalistic approach that helps to chronicle everyone’s emotions, from Bride and Groom to family and friends. He is like a fly on the wall in that he sees everything without ever getting in the way. When you look at Brad's portfolio, you’ll have no doubt that he is among the finest wedding photographers in NY and NJ. Give him a call if you’re in the NJ area and need a good photographer. To learn more about Brad, check out his Flickrstream, his website or his blog. But better book him now, because with crazy good photos like this, his calendar is sure to fill up fast!

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