Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Featured Gallery #14: Holga Portraits curated by Brad Ross

Long-time Flickr friend and all-around awesome photographer Brad Ross brings us gallery #14 in the increasingly-hard-to-count-using-finger-alone featured gallery series. Brad was actual our pre-launch featured artist for Spotlight Seven, way back in early 2008. You should check that out after you visit this gallery.

For his theme, Brad has narrowed his selection Holga portraits. Holgas are an old toy camera from China that have attracted quite the following over the past decade, and Brad has done a great job finding shots the demonstrate the uniqueness of the medium. Make sure to visit the gallery to see all 10 shots, and wander on over to his New Jersey Wedding Photography website to learn about this week's curator. Here are a couple of Brad's selections.

NYC People #3

~~~~~~ Andre



Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs said...

You have a very interesting blog. ow is the project so far?

Jake said...

We've got over 100,000 portraits so far. We'll keep going until we get there.

new jersey wedding photographer said...

How do I get a portrait on the this site?