Monday, March 10, 2008

Spotlight 7 Week 10: Made in Sheffield

, originally uploaded by madeinsheffield.

This is week number 10, which means we now have 100 awesome photos in Spotlight 7. Madeinsheffield won the friendly competition in 6 Million People, and happened to meet smoothdude in New York a week later! Here's an excerpt from the interview, and the photos really speak for themselves. Congrats Charlotte!

3) How do you approach random people on the street to take their photograph?
I find the quicker the exchange the better. Rather than launching into a big explanation, I just smile and politely ask if I can take their picture. Most people say yes, some people ask why. If they ask, I say it's just for my portfolio. Sometimes I might flatter them a little, such as telling them they have a great look, which tends to do the trick! I'm always a little nervous when I ask the first one of the day, sometimes my hands go a bit shaky which can be a bit problematic! Once you've asked the first though it gets much easier.

5) I love how some of your street portraits are diptychs. What inspired you to show two different views like that?
I only recently discovered the wonders of diptychs when looking at all the amazing stuff on Flickr. I just began playing around one day, at first with two portrait shots of the same person, just with different expressions, then I realised that not only was it nice to see a face in close-up, but it was interesting to see a bit of context regarding their surroundings. I haven't seen a lot of diptychs like that, but I'm sure I'm by no means the first person to do it.

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