Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spotlight 7 Week 12: Zeynep Kanra

Another week of Spotlight 7 brings more international flavor to the group. This week, Zeynep Kanra exhibits 10 of her many fine portraits. Living in Turkey for all of her 32 years, Zeynep has also traveled the world to collect many of the 300+ portraits in this photoset, including multiple trips to India, Nepal and surrounding areas. Here's a small excerpt from this week's interview with curator Daniel Krieger:

2) How does your location influence your photography?
I love people, no matter to which religion or history they belong...Istanbul is a present given to life and it opens new doors every time, keeps secrets, tells many tales and yes, Istanbul is gifted, so as the photographer living in this city of soul.

Please visit Spotlight 7 to read the rest of this week's interview, view the photos and flip through all the past archives. Thank you for visiting and we'll see you next week! Until then, Namaste!



zeynep said...

Namaste :)

Anonymous said...

I know Zeynep quite well. She is a dear friend. The beauty of her art is really insight into the magnificent soul who snaps her photos.