Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coffee Bay, South Africa

Coffee Bay, South Africa, originally uploaded by lebeccio.

This photo was taken in Coffee Bay South Africa on what is called "The Wild Coast". Local boys were learning how to clean and prep fish for the village. All boys were involved except this boy. It was explained to me he was the same age as the others but much smaller due to illness (probably aids,the area is hit hard with it). He sat and watched the others and me with with a sad intensity. As a side note when I asked (thru an interpreter) how old the boys were they could not answer ,they guage there age in another way other then years. Truly an area that all have ignored. This pict was taken close to 3 years ago and not a week goes by that I don't think about the area and this boy.

My NGO and I will be visiting this area April 9th, 2008 to work with this community. Please follow what we are doing by reading our blog located on our site.

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