Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spotlight Seven Week 15: Az Rehman


This week's exhibition in Spotlight 7 was curated by Week 10 presenter Made in Sheffield. The week 15 presenter for Spotlight Seven is Az Rehman, a.k.a. . Az. Currently living in Southampton, UK, Az is an admirer of Brian Griffin and even had the opportunity to photgraph him at a recent exhibition. Here's a little excerpt from the interview:

4) Tell us a little about your Bargate portraits set.
The Bargate Project started over a year ago. The original idea was to take some pictures of my home town to add to the Southampton Group on flickr. As I walked around the city centre I was lost and didn't know what to shoot. I thought I may as well just start with a picture of the Bargate. As I began focusing the lens I focused on the people walking towards me and loved how the depth of field looked. So I asked a few people to stop for me. When I saw the negs I was really excited by them and decided to turn it into a project.

I have shot over 100 frames now and 99% of the time only shoot one frame. I decided to keep the aperture at F4 for all the images to keep the depth of field uniform throughout the project. During bright days I have to use very strong ND filters to get the lens to F4.

I hope to get them exhibited one day, but so far the local people who are in charge of displaying art/photography have shown little interest in the images. It is VERY important to me that they are displayed out on the street. I want the general public to see them.

This is a shot of Ray in his Photo Gallery, I would have liked to have shown you more of the room, but sadly the light was very low.......The windows had been covered with photographs.The only place that I could take his picture handheld was by using the light from the doorway. I hope that the background is enough to give you an idea of how the rest of the room looked.

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