Sunday, September 14, 2008

Francois Coquerel: Spotlight Seven Week 11

Archive of week 11 interview.

Please welcome our week 11 presenter, Francois Coquerel

1) How did you get into photography, can you show us an early photo you took that made you feel really inspired about the medium?

I began taking photos and developing them together with a friend of mine when I was 18. We developed the film in his grandfathers garage with very old equipment. I then quit photography but recommenced a few years later. I was a student in History at the moment and I finally bought an Hasselblad, after having decided that photography was what I wanted to do. This picture is one of the first I took with my Hasselblad. I get a bit tired of this kind of pictures now, but it gave me some of self confidence at the time.

2) I noticed one woman comes up a lot, is she a lover, a friend, a muse? There several additional great photos besides the one I chose for Spotlight Seven including this one I wanted to share.

I Keep this to myself!

3) I see you mostly shoot with a Hasselblad, how important is the equipment you use in your photography or in any photography?

The equipment is very important to me. Every camera is interesting, but you can't really take any kind of picture with any kind of camera. I mean that it's hard hard for me to use a regular digital camera, once you've been used to shooting with a medium format one. But there are loads of things I’d like to photograph but can't because of I don’t have the right equipment.

4) Do you use any digital cameras? How do you feel it has affected our medium?

No. As I’m into medium format, a digital back is really expensive. Moreover I don't like shooting a lot when I’m taking a photo of someone. I really prefer taking my time, being a bit slow. But of course digital cameras are sometimes very useful.

5) How do you get the emotion you want from your models?

I don't really look for a very particular emotion while I'm taking a photo. I just wait for the model to feel comfortable, or at least used to the presence of the camera. After a while, when everything turns a bit boring, that's very often the right time.

6) If you could spend one week all expenses paid anywhere just doing photography, where would it be?

In a old monastery. Beautiful light, beautiful clothes.

7) Who is one person you'd love to photograph?

Daniel Johnson, without any hesitation. He looks great, and i'd be happy to meet him. That's the thing with photography, you can meet amazing people.

8) Is there someone on flickr who's work you admire?

I really admire a lot of photographs on flickr. People like Ryan Schude, Noah Kalina, because they are doing great things quite far away from my own style. And the way they use artificial light is really great. But there are also illustrators like mia in the sky, Evdokia Zakharova, Lynn K, Nura P and many others.

9) Tell us something about your favorite portrait of the one's chosen for Spotlight Seven.
This one is my favorite

This is a portrait of one of my nephews, Malo.

10) Show us a photograph you wish you took on flickr.

This one is really amazing. It really hypnotizes me.

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