Sunday, April 5, 2009

The smoothdude soul-revealing portrait of the week

Week 1: Ososment


We're starting a new feature here at 6 Million People, the smoothdude soul-revealing portrait of the week. Since the very talented smoothdude is now a full-time New York City photographer, I ordered him to make sure he takes at least one soul-revealing portrait each week. I'm going to choose one of his photos each week, post it here, and smoothdude will explain a little bit about what went into the photo.

The title of the thread is a bit of a lark, but it's true to itself. Daniel is a great portrait photographer, and that's what caught my eye when I first came across his work on Flickr. Since then, smoothdude has gone from being a very talented part-time photographer to being a full-time photographer with another full-time job. I asked him what happened to all those soul-revealing portraits, and he told me, in his inimitable fashion, "I got to pay the bills!"

Well, he's still got to pay the bills. But as a full-time photographer, he's going to have a lot more time to capture these great portraits which, while probably not paying the bills, have helped established smoothdude's reputation as a great photographer.


Brad Ross Photography said...

Smoothdude lives up to his name. Good stuff

new jersey wedding photographer said...

I like the graphics on the Tee, look like a tatto.