Sunday, January 6, 2008

John #46 of 100

John #46 of 100, originally uploaded by Mr. 'Chard.

Mr. Chard is an admin of a really ambitious Flickr group called 100 Strangers, which can also be seen on the web. The goal is to slowly take 100 portraits of strangers-- posed shots of people you just met, essentially. An excerpt from his photo description:

Meet John! I met John today outside Milton Keynes train station. It was cold and I almost gave up on finding someone. For one I was getting cold and another everyone was walking quickly trying to get into the warm.

John on the other hand stopped on the way to the station to take some pictures of both the road leading down to the station and the train station itself on his camera phone.

"excuse me"
"I think I may be able to be of mutual benefit"
"er, right"
"I could take your picture in front of the station if you like. I'm doing this project..."

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