Friday, January 11, 2008

Spotlight Seven Grand Opening! Featuring 'stpiduko'

Spotlight Seven: Grand Opening January 11, 2008

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the new Flickr gallery, Spotlight Seven. Each week at Spotlight Seven, one photographer will exhibit 10 of his or her finest portraits. These photographs are carefully chosen by Daniel Krieger, who goes by the moniker smoothdude on Flickr. The Grand Opening features 'stpiduko'_, and include portraits of a bearded man he's still searching for and the 2nd of 100 people he photographed one night. You can read more about 'stpiduko's work in his interview with smoothdude. Additionally, each week's featured artist will be available throughout the week to answer questions about technique, lighting, lenses and just about anything else. Brad Ross, aka ShhPeKo, was featured at Spotlight Seven for a week-long pre-opening, and his work remains on exhibit. In fact, by taking advantage of the unlimited gallery space afforded by Flickr, the work of all selected artists will remain in the gallery permanently. As 10 photos have grown to 20, these 20 photos will grow to hundreds in a few months. Eventually, this will form one of the best, most diverse collection of portraits on the internet.

As the chief curator of Spotlight Seven, smoothdude is working hard to find amazing photographers and their best portraits. By selecting the photos and interviewing the featured artist, smoothdude is creating a genuine showcase for some of the best photographers on Flickr. The co-curator is Jake Rome, known by the enigmatic nickname of jakerome on Flickr, who is helping smoothdude find outstanding photographers and promoting the group and its parent group, 6 Million People.

All the portraits are drawn from some of the tens of thousands of portraits that have been added to the Flickr group 6 Million People. Founded in April 2007, the objective of 6 Million People is to collect portraits of 6 million different people as a virtual memorial to all Holocaust victims. While there are thousands of outstanding photos in the pool, Spotlight Seven was founded to provide a showcase for the best of the best. For those interested in exhibiting at Spotlight Seven, please join 6 Million People and start adding your finest portraits. 6 Million People welcomes contributors of all skill levels from all over the world, and the group rules have been translated into over 10 languages so far. A few portraits are added each day to the 6 Million People photoblog.

Please visit Spotlight Seven every week to view some of the finest portraits on Flickr, and please join 6 Million People and add your photos to help us reach our goal. You can sign up for the mailing list at Yahoo! Groups to be notified each week as new photographers exhibit on Spotlight Seven. Thank you.

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