Friday, January 25, 2008

Spotlight Seven Week #4: Duff Suds

A man going around taking names...

Check out the interview.

This is the part of the story behind the above photo. You really need to read the whole story.

"I had quickly learned that the most interesting faces belonged to those people who had it hard. The people of the street. As a result I knew that I could always find an interesting face or story near the city shelters, bus stations and tourist traps. Albuquerque wasn’t any different. I spent part of the day at the city center watching the hot air balloons float past, then trekked over to the Greyhound terminal but both proved to be disappointing. Finally, I stopped a local police officer and asked him flat out “where are all of your homeless.” A little surprised at the question he curtly told me how the city had rounded up and herded all of the street people to the shelters for the day, standard procedure when the balloons were flying. I guess they wanted their streets clean when the out-of-towners arrived. He pointed me in the direction of the nearest shelter and off I went."

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