Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spotlight 7 features Tom Hoops


For week 24 of Spotlight 7, we are honored to feature tom.hoops, a freelance photographer living in Bangkok, Thailand. Tom prefers finding his subjects wherever he can find lots of people, such as markets, train stations and public events. A Mac user who wishes he had a D3, Tom would love to travel to the UK or India to shoot for a few weeks. Of course there's much more, here's an excerpt from this week's interview:

6) Talk us through your processing techniques, particularly through some of the Nikon D80 highly processed B&Ws
All of my processing is done through Photoshop. I don't use just one method I often play around until I find something I like. In general I bring in the raw file and convert to black and white using gradient map, then fiddle with curves and levels. If it's a close up portrait I will dodge and burn to add some more contrast. If I'm feeling in the mood I might add some texture layers also. Once I am at a stage I am happy with I will sharpen the image and then save.
I enjoy the processing almost as much as taking the photos; it adds another creative element to my work.

Here are a couple more of Tom Hooper's amazing photos. After you read the interview and look at this week's photos, be sure to flip through tom.hoops' stream and visit his website, too. Thanks for visiting!

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