Thursday, July 17, 2008

Itzick, prolific 6 Million People contributor, featured in Spotlight 7

Portrait 473

In our 21st installment of Spotlight 7, we feature itzick. A long time contributor to 6 Million People, itzick added his first photo to the group about 9 months ago, and has added almost 500 more since. Itzick was drawn to the 6 Million People project in part as a tribute to his family members who died in the Holocaust.

Living in Denmark has influenced itzick's work, in that is has largely become not only a reflection but also documentation of the Danish culture and way of life. But his photography has extended beyond Denmark, as the 10 photos featured this week were taken in 4 countries-- Denmark, England the USA and Israel. Of the 10, itzick's favorite is "Only a child," shown below, which was taken at a Bedouin market in the Negev desert nearly 40 years ago. Here's a small bit of the interview where itzick discusses how he got into photography.

2) How did you first really get into photography?
To be honest I can’t remember when and how it happened. As a child I was fascinated by the ability to make/create pictures. I got an old Kodak box camera as a present. That camera had very few adjustment possibilities such as; sun, cloudy and rain as well as people or buildings / landscape and some distance marks/alternatives.

The more systematic/serious photography I started at the age of 22 when I bought a Yashika SLR camera that a year later was replaced by two Pentax spotmatic cameras. Ten years later for different reasons I stopped being active on that front and after a pause of about thirty years in December 2006 I bought as an extra X-mass present for myself a Nikon D200 and started again to be an active photographer.

Please be sure to read the interview, view all 10 of his remarkable photos and add your own comments and questions. Thank you.

Only a child

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