Tuesday, July 29, 2008

nonac featured in Week 23 of Spotlight 7

Claudelle pauses - street portrait

Please check out this week's amazing Spotlight 7 exhibit featuring nonac. as guest curated by Desolate Places. Nonac is a native of Pittsburgh who has now returned home after living in Colorado and California. Shooting primarily with a Canon 5D and a 50mm lens, nonac has sometimes photographed the same people for 6 years or more. Nonac looks forward to meeting people every day as he walks the streets shooting great portraits, and values these friendships even if they last only a few minutes. There's much, much more in the full interview, here's a small taste of the window into nonac's world that Desolate Places helps provide:

4) What do you want people to learn about the people you photograph?
That we are all common celebrities and have a place on this earth together. That we cannot exist without each other, that what happens to another could easily happen to each one of us. That no one single person is above another, that we are all here for a reason no matter the color of our skin, the language we speak, the places we live and call home or the jobs/vocations we have chosen as our life's work. I want people to learn that there is something unique in each of us and even though we may not acknowledge that certain something every day it's out there, willing to be noticed and appreciated. I want people to know that it's critical to "find the good in everyone".

Charles (Vietnam War Vet) - street portrait

Bud Selig - Commissioner of Major League Baseball

But please don't stop at the interview, since the story behind the photo are usually worth a read all by themselves. Thanks to nonac for exhibiting this week, and thanks to Desolate Places (formerly Duff Suds) for selecting such a great artist, choosing 10 fantastic portraits and conducting an in-depth interview.

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