Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sotlight 7 features .charlie.

This week's edition of Spotlight 7 features .charlie., a Parisian living in San Francisco. This week's guest curator was calanan, recently featured on Spotlight 7. Charlie has been influenced by his mother's photography, but never got serious until he moved to the US several years ago, where he takes advantage of his French heritage to get the proper response from his subjects. He's taken a ton of great photos of school kids rocking out, and he discusses a little bit about that in the interview. Make sure to check out the whole thing.

9) You have a series of photographs of kids participating in the School of Rock (Flickr set). How did you become involved with that and what was it like photographing so many talented kids?
I got married 3 years ago and my stepson joined the Paul Green School of Rock around that time. This is an afterschool program for kids that started in the late 90s in Philadelphia ( It is also what the MTV movie 'School of Rock' was based on. This experience has been amazing as it has allowed me to be involved with music through photography. Kids also tend to have more 'unrehearsed' moments, and that makes for great photographs.

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