Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spotlight 7 Week 22: Mark Velasquez

Surviving Cancer
Our guest curator .Az decided to shake things up a little bit in Spotlight 7 this week, choosing 10 stunning photos from Mark Velasquez, including some very sexy models. Mark shares on thoughts on many subjects, and the interview is certainly worth a read.

10) I'm an editor of a magazine with an international circulation, I loved your first Vanity Fair cover so much that I am going to give you 10 pages for your dream photographic project... what's it going to be Mark?
I really don't have one dream project. Whether I like it or not, I am pretty prolific. The other day I was lamenting to a friend that I was being lazy and hadn't done anything, being fairly mopey about it. Then they brought to my attention that I had done at least one shoot a day for two weeks straight, including that afternoon. I'm never satisfied with what I just did, I am always looking over the horizon.

As for this fictional project, if money were no object I would fly some of my best friends and favorite local models to Montezuma, at the southern tip of the Nicoya Penninsula of western Costa Rica. I would set up my lights and just document the fun, silly, sexy time that would ensue. I think the best photos are captured when you are relaxed and with people you love and respect.


A couple more shots. Please check at all 10 at Spotlight 7.

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